Apart from the yearly tariff increases that take effect on 1 July of every year, clients may also experience higher electricity bills for several reasons.

If you have a Smart Meter installed, you should keep record of the daily consumption over a period or request your daily consumption reports from your Utilities Service Provider. This will enable you to pinpoint the date when increases in consumption started or if changes made had the desired effect to reduce your consumption.

Higher electricity accounts or consumption is often the result of the following:

  1. We leave our appliances or electronics plugged in whether we’re using them or not. The problem is, these devices are sitting idle, sucking electricity out of your home while waiting for a command from you, or waiting for a scheduled task to run.
  2. Using faulty appliances and old, non-energy saving appliances could increase electricity consumption as they are not operating effectively.
  3. A leaking or faulty geyser valve constantly allows cold water into the geyser and the thermostat is kicking in more often to heat up the water
  4. A geyser thermostat that is broken or stuck can have the effect of constantly heating water, without shutting off or working longer than required (if warm water flowing out of taps are steaming hot – clear indication that thermostat is set too high or broken)
  5. Load shedding also affects geysers as the temperature of geysers drops during load shedding. Once power is restored, energy is used to restore geyser temperature to set point.
  6. Water- and pool pumps running longer than required or needed. Setting the timer for less running time should be considered.
  7. Inefficient fridges and freezers (Load shedding might have damaged the motor or doors do not seal properly anymore)
  8. Energy-saving lights and equipment to be considered and installed to reduce electricity consumption.

If all above have been addressed and there is still higher than expected electricity bill received, the following should be considered:

  1. Billing by Utilities Service Provider done on actual or estimated readings?
  2. Billing period / Number of days between readings a constant or does it vary?
  3. If you have a conventional electricity meter; were the readings taken correctly and correctly captured on the billing system? Are photos available of the meter to confirm the meter reading or can you confirm the readings yourself?
  4. Repairs and maintenance in your house the last month?
  5. Any new equipment in the house the last month or so?
  6. Is the correct tariff being used for billing? Are winter tariffs applicable for your region or municipality?
  7. Request a meter test to be done (Terms and conditions often apply)

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