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Property Management

We offer proven management services for any property, new developments and projects.

  1. Pro-active credit control
  2. Payment of creditors and liaising with Attorneys
  3. Aggressive marketing campaigns on various platforms to ensure we receive maximum exposure
  4. Strict financial control
  5. Tenant leasing
  6. Budgets and variance reporting
  7. Implementation of preventative maintenance programmes
  8. Tax invoices
  9. Monthly rent rolls
  10. Monthly income and expenditure statements with substantiating documentation and detailed explanations
  11. Monthly meetings with landlords
  12. Regular building/unit inspections

Since innovation and client service are essential to us, all our clients can access financial statements via a secure web portal at any time. All information on the portal is real-time, allowing all our clients to have the most up to date information at their fingertips.

Commercial residential leasing

From budget flats to lavish estate housing and commercial premises, MidCity offers a range of quality properties available on lease. We provide leasing in collaboration with MidCity Property Management.

To help you find the ideal property for you, we provide convenient online property search functionality on this website.

Click here to do a Property Search.

Property Broking & Sales

MidCity’s property broking division has a large portfolio of residential, commercial, industrial and retail properties for sale and to let.

Our enthusiastic team boasts years of marketing experience. This is one of the reasons why we are perfectly placed to provide you with suitable tenants and potential buyers.

Property Insurance

Insure City Insurance Brokers, a regulated Financial Services Provider under FSCA licence number 4629, specialises in short-term insurance for Bodies Corporate, Homeowners Associations (HOAs), commercial buildings and residential buildings.

On behalf of clients, we also:

  1. Obtain insurance quotes
  2. Negotiate competitive premiums
  3. Provide full product comparisons
  4. Advise product choice
  5. Negotiate annual renewal terms
  6. Submit, administer and monitor claims

For more information on our offering, please visit the
Insure City website


We provide Homeowners Association (HOAs) with management solutions designed to ensure that these organisations reach their goals within the prevailing legislative framework.

The management of an HOA is now easier and more rewarding with our advanced online management platform. As one of the leaders in the industry, we are a member of the National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA). We also adhere to NAMA’s well-established Code of Conduct.

Services we offer HOAs include:

  1. Homeowners Association management services
  2. Property-related consultancy services
  3. Financial services and reporting in real-time
  4. Guidance on legislative requirements
  5. Developer services
Body Corporate Management

We deliver Body Corporate management services that help clients to achieve their objectives while meeting legislative requirements.

We take great pride in our state-of-the-art digital management system that empowers Bodies Corporate. As an industry leader in sectional and full title management, we are proud to be a member of NAMA and are governed by their Code of Conduct.

Services we offer bodies corporate include:

  1. Body Corporate management services
  2. Property-related consultancy services
  3. Financial services and reporting in real-time
  4. Guidance on legislative requirements
  5. Developer services
Community Schemes Management

Our services to Community Schemes, which include Homeowners Associations and Bodies Corporate, include the effective controls and processes required to ensure transparent and accurate management of the Community Scheme’s finances and general administration. MidCity prides itself on the stable environment that we provide to our staff, which results in a sustainable service offering to our clients.

Our Portfolio Managers are all registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB).

Community Scheme Ombud Services (CSOS): All community schemes, including HOAs and Bodies Corporate, contribute to the Community Scheme Ombud Services, which offer benefits that a Community Scheme can make use of. For more information, contact us or visit their website on www.csos.org.za.

Download our forms here

Utility & Smart Metering Solutions

MidCity Utilities provides comprehensive smart utility management services. We rely on a smart metering system to help clients verify their electricity consumption online via a convenient web-based platform and a Smart mobile application.

The utilities and smart metering solutions we offer include:

  1. Basic and advanced smart prepaid meters
  2. Automated recording of smart prepaid meter readings
  3. Installations
  4. Utility network audits
  5. Invoicing of consumption directly to consumers
  6. Calculating billing on behalf of landlords
  7. Technical advice to landlords regarding cost-effective supply
  8. Dedicated support regarding consumption, account queries and technical queries
  9. Utility management (Electricity, water and sanitation)
  10. Receipt of payments
  11. Solar integration into smart metering platform
  12. Balancing of networks for common property confirmation

For more information, please visit the MidCity Utilities website.

Facilities & Maintenance Management

MidCity Property Services take pride in providing a holistic property management service to all our clients and no property management company will be complete without the ability to handle maintenance matters via a strong and reliable Facilities Management division.

We provide proven and reliable management services to assist the Property Management and Community Schemes Management with all maintenance requirements.

We work closely with a trusted and professional panel of preferred and vetted service providers to maintain service excellence in the following areas:

  1. Access Control Maintenance
  2. Air-Conditioning
  3. Cleaning Services and Materials
  4. Elevator Contracts and Maintenance
  5. Plumbing, Electrical & Holistic Maintenance
  6. Security Services
  7. Waste Removal and Management
  8. Fire Equipment Maintenance and Services
  9. HSE Services

With expert support from Ascendant Financial Services, a MidCity Property Group company, we provide a range of essential tax & accounting services.

Our services include:

  1. Taxation services for Sectional Title Schemes
  2. Taxation services for Homeowners Associations (NPC)
  3. Monthly accounting services
  4. Secretarial Services: CIPC
  5. Payroll Services
  6. Monthly Management Accounts
  7. Annual Financial Statements
Property Management
Commercial residential leasing
Property Broking & Sales
Property Insurance
Body Corporate Management
Community Schemes Management
Utility &  Smart Metering Solutions
Facilities & Maintenance Management
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