40 Years of Excellence: Part 2

The last noteworthy milestone celebrated by MidCity was our 35th birthday back in 2018. The first article in this series, released on 1 July, covered the first 35 years of MidCity’s rich history, outlining the company’s journey from small beginnings to exciting heights. We believe that these ground-breaking years served as an inspiration and solid foundation for the following 5 years bringing us into 2023. Let’s take a look at these 5 years as well as what is presently happening at MidCity Property Group.

2017 – 2018, a new era has begun

On the 1st of March 2017, David Hewer announced that he would be stepping down as CEO and leaving the MidCity Group to pursue other ventures. This move introduced a brand-new season for MidCity as shareholders selected Marius Alberts to take over the role of CEO, Koos Croukamp as COO and Johan Basson as CFO. 

“We have every bit of confidence in Marius to take this company forward on the growth path that has been laid down by this predecessor.  With his astute business acumen, his passionate leadership and an energetic innovative support team, we look forward to the potential and further opportunities that he can unlock,” commented Dawie de Villers sr.

Aside from this 2017 leadership change, Khwela Power Metering also entered a new era focused on technology as they were renamed MidCity Utilities (Pty) Ltd. Driving innovation in the Utilities field, MidCity Utilities has set new standards for utility excellence as one of the market leaders in electricity re­selling and the recovery of water and sanitation costs.

One of our proudest moments in 2017 was the implementation of our new and dynamic software system, aptly named Meter Manager SA. The software was designed from cradle to grave by MidCity, based on the previous software’s design, as well as improving and adding to previous shortcomings. Thus we say that MidCity Utilities (Pty) Ltd is powered by Meter Manager SA!

At the end of 2018, the property investment company JoriCity Holdings (Pty) Ltd was established, specifically aimed at investing in property and maximising return on investment for the shareholders. With the amalgamation of four property entities that include residential, commercial and retail properties, JoriCity Holdings acquired the shares of Dema, Markel, MidCity Corner and Campus Edge. This resulted in the creation of the well-diversified JoriCity Precinct as we know it today.

This precinct was masterminded by Dawie de Villiers, Chairman of the MidCity Property Group, and was named after the street that runs through the heart of the precinct, Jorissen Street. The JCH Precinct is centrally located between the central regions of Tshwane and the Eastern Suburbs, making it possible to service individuals and businesses from a wide financial spectrum.

Towards the end of 2017, now with a highly valued and sizeable workforce, MidCity started talks on introducing additional financial benefits for all employees. To further entrench their value of integrity, the group rolled-out medical aid and pension fund assistance, as well as life, disability and death cover during 2018, thus ensuring more stable financial futures for all employees – a first for the property industry.

2019 – 2021, MidCity Rebranded

During 2019 (and with the 2020’s around the corner), it was time to give our legacy brand a new look. The Oaks Collective was approached to delve deep into the core of who MidCity is and what the group stands for. From information gathered during a brand workshop as well as the four MidCity cornerstones, a new brand and tones of communication were established. The four-cornered logo that has represented so much for the group over time was kept largely intact, with subtle refinements brought in to modernise the look. Yellow was once again the colour of choice and an exciting new visual language was developed to give the brand a very recognisable appearance.

Contrary to any positive expectations the world had of “the year 2020,” it was the notorious year in which Covid struck. Economically this was a very testing time for every industry, but we are privileged and proud to say that MidCity Property Group remained profitable throughout the pandemic season. Being in this position, afforded us the opportunity to gear ourselves up for what was to come.  

In June 2021, we had the opportunity to expedite growth by acquiring the portfolio of The Property Management Authority of South Africa. This strategic decision followed the unfortunate passing of Propman’s Managing Director, resulting in Propman being under management of MidCity Property Services (Pty) Ltd as of 1 June 2021.

With this acquisition, MidCity was set to grow their business in community schemes management and property management.

2022 and into the 40th year…

Being a holistic property solutions business, already offering services in almost every sphere of clients’ property requirements, it was a strategic and natural progression for the group to start its own realty division. MidCity Realty (Pty) Ltd was born to service all clients looking to purchase or sell property within a reliable system of other established services. Our systematic approach and existing streamlined processes enable MidCity Realty to reliably offer a real estate solution, with proven support available, every step of the way.

With Marius Alberts still at the helm and the group’s bottom line in safe hands, this is a good time to note that MidCity’s focus is also attentive to creating a well-rounded work environment.

Aside from assistance with financial future planning in the form of a pension fund and cover for unforeseen eventualities, a few other ways of enriching the lives of employees and the community include: the Spar Women’s Challenge which is a confirmed date on the MidCity calendar annually, encouraging cross-selling at the company to stimulate some healthy competition and the chance to win fantastic holidays, the annual Charity Golf Day which supports entities in line with our CSR policy and last but not least, celebrating important dates and milestones of employees at the company.

With only a month to go before the big 4-0, this is a time of honest reflection and great excitement for the leadership and employees of the MidCity Property Group. We invite you to celebrate with us as we position for the future and strive to improve year-after-year in keeping with our past trajectory. Keep a lookout for our next article where we will offer a sneak peek into where MidCity is headed in the next few years.

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