August 2020

South Africa celebrates Women’s Month in August and to show our appreciation for all woman in our country we would like to share 6 great ways to celebrate Women’s Month this August.

1. Celebrate the women in your life

 This is the time to show your appreciation and gratitude towards those women that continue to build you up. Thank your mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, teacher, wife, and daughter – all the women who have had a hand in your life.

2. Treat yourself to a day of pampering

Spoil yourself with a spa day and re-emerge into regular life as a relaxed and revived goddess.

Pampering doesn’t necessarily have to be a manicure or massage. Blast some tunes and take the scenic route on a drive along any pretty roads near your home. Or pour yourself a glass of wine and listen to your favourite music.

3. Give to causes that uplift women

Do some research into causes or events that aim to empower women and offer to volunteer during your free time. You’ll be surprised at the amount of worthy organisations and charities right in your own backyard. Find a cause that matters to you and donate whatever you can. Every cent helps.

4. Read a biography about an awesome woman

A great way to embrace Women’s Month is to immerse yourself in the lives of great women who have achieved great things in social, political, artistic and economic fields.

5. Watch a chicks (rock) flick

Her courage and resourcefulness to stand tall, no matter the circumstances. So, grab your girlfriends and your favourite, inspiring girl power film for an evening of laughs and cries as you remind yourselves why us women are so fierce.

6. Work up a sweat

Exercise fosters a sense of self-worth and makes you feel strong and powerful – like you can conquer the world. Go for a Sunday cycle, stretch before you start your day, or dance around your bedroom to your favourite song. All these exercises will release endorphins, which are powerful chemicals in your brain that energise your spirits and make you feel good.

Women are celebrated nationally in August, but we should never stop celebrating and appreciating the women in our lives.

Women have achieved great things personally and professionally and we are blessed with every woman in our lives that supports and inspires us.

Source: http://www.edenonthebaymall.co.za/celebrate-womens-month-like-boss/

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