Digital Marketing in South African Real Estate

By Antonette Rütter – Product Marketing Administrator: Property Administration & Facilities Management

We all can agree that digital marketing is part of the future of every business. Without it, businesses fall behind the competition and customers have trouble obtaining information about a company, product or service. By embracing technology and using it to gain a competitive advantage, clients are kept satisfied, resulting in a larger customer base, growth and long-term sustainability for the company.

Using the most effective digital marketing tactics with the available technology is the most efficient way of embracing opportunities and overcoming challenges in the industry.

Keeping in mind that technology increasingly transforms entire industries, the South African real estate digital landscape can be viewed as a dynamic industry that is now more focused on customers and building communities, offering improved communication and more personalised service than ever before.

Some of the most widely used technologies include:

  • A functional website and Search Engine Marketing
  • Online business directories / property portals
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing
  • Targeting Applications

According to Dave Chaffey, leading author in the field of digital marketing, creating a successful online value proposition (OVP), any of the following “Six Cs” can be used in any combination:

  • Content that is relevant and up to date
  • Customisation to suit the specific audience
  • Community – building customer perceptions with the audience contributing to content
  • Convenience with 14/7 availability
  • Choice – offering a wider range of products/suppliers and detailed information on each product or property
  • Cost reduction with online bookings and reaching a large audience

Clearly, the use of digital marketing in the property industry has become an indispensable tool, withs benefits such as having a larger pool of prospective tenants when filling vacant properties, resulting in a constant stream of income for landlords.

Looking at the impact that digital marketing has on the South African real estate industry, whether you are a property owner, property company or a potential buyer, this is the time to make full use of digital marketing, taking advantage of new opportunities in real estate.

At MidCity Property Group, we understand that maximising the potential of a landlord’s assets is of the utmost importance. With 40 years of proven excellence, we have the knowledge and experience to provide landlords with a holistic solution that covers all facets of the property industry.


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