Investment Properties: Maximizing the Potential of your Assets

By – Antonette Rütter – Product Marketing Administrator: Property Administration & Facilities Management

With the property industry being on track for recovery in 2024, we are expecting more gains for the listed property index in South Africa. This is promising for new investors stepping into the market, as more and more opportunities are available due to the prospect of interest rate cuts.

Deciding to invest in property is not an easy task, as commercial and residential properties have unique characteristics that sets it apart from every other industry. It is important to consider local economic, political, legal and social risks in this dynamic industry and with the diverse South African cultures.

Without a property management plan, it will be challenging to increase revenue streams and to show a return on investment. Landlords choosing to use property management services from professionals benefit the most. At MidCity Property Group, we assign a portfolio manager to every landlord, thus enabling them to provide an individual and personal service offering.

Properties need to be advertised to ensure available units get optimal exposure. This needs to be done with proven techniques, such as harnessing the digital domain where properties are marketed using popular search engines and platforms.  Extensive market analysis is performed to ensure landlords successfully reach their target audience, resulting in leads turning into leases. The services covered in the MidCity Property Management offering are essential to landlords, and include advertising, maintenance, in- and out inspections of their units, not to mention collecting rent and managing all financial reports.

Unlike many property management agencies, MidCity provides all-inclusive packages. We understand that maximizing the potential of your assets is of utmost importance and after decades of proven excellence, we live to provide holistic solutions that cover all facets of the property industry.

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