August 2020

COVID-19 had a huge impact on all businesses and we at MidCity did not escape the impact of this. We are however proud to say that we have managed to be fully operational during the pandemic as our operating system is cloud based.

We worked remotely to ensure that we maintained a ‘’business as usual’’ approach. Times are tough for businesses and South Africans as a whole, but we at MidCity do our utmost best to support our customers, ensuring that we come out stronger when this pandemic is over.

I would like to leave you with an article that was published by Accenture.

Turn massive challenges into meaningful change

Businesses must navigate the financial and operational challenges of coronavirus while rapidly addressing the needs of their people, customers and suppliers.

The journey to agility must start now

Today’s CEOs are faced with overwhelming, competing challenges and uncharted waters as they continue to navigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Out of necessity, CEOs have prioritized the Now―supporting their people, customers and suppliers, addressing supply chain disruption, stabilizing revenues, aligning their businesses with evolving demand and identifying new growth pathways.

Leaders are rapidly turning their attention to the Next, a period of unpredictable and possibly muted economic recovery with new competitive threats and opportunities, and quite possibly a decade of the Never Normal, a new era defined by fast changing shifts in cultural norms, societal values and behaviours, such as increased demand for responsible business practices and renewed brand purpose.

Against this backdrop, leaders face the urgency and complexity of reopening their businesses. To outmanoeuvre uncertainty, reopening also requires a program of reinvention. This presents an opportunity—and a need—for many companies to build the capabilities they wish they’d invested in before: to be more digital, data-driven, and in the cloud; to have more variable cost structures, agile operations and automation; to create stronger capabilities in e-commerce and security. Leaders should consider the steps they take to reopen as the first in the journey to wider transformation.

Marius Alberts

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